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Malak's Medical & Dental Warriors 

Doctors, Dentists and other specialists who are also essential to the organization's survival are invited to make a difference in Brevard County. 

Becoming a doctor is no easy task. Someone with the initials M.D. or DDS behind his or her name has endured college courses designed to weed out the weaklings, spent months studying for the MCAT, survived several years of medical school and completed rigorous internships and residencies.

After such years of struggle, it's understandable that some doctors open plush offices and enjoy the benefits of what can be a financially lucrative career. 

Other doctors may work in notably less luxurious conditions for their entire lives, however I believe that all doctors are committed to helping others and on both sides but only a small few sign up to work in 

Malak's Medical & Dental Warriors "humanitarian organization" will provide doctors in Brevard County the opportunity to do what they most have done as Doctors without Boards.

humanitarian organization will provide aid to those who are in need and have no other means . 

Malak medical & Dental Warriors are representing a partnership between a group of doctors & other specialists who are also essential to the organization's survival that will form humanitarian non-profit organization 

The publicity from our local journalists will help ignite this humanitarian organization 

and will entice its other Medical professionals to volunteer.

Working with Malak's Medical & Dental Warriors will not pad anyone’s wallet as all services must be in KIND. 

"Each person must live their life as a model for others".